Control your House and Garden with Mobile

Here you will find the best recommendations in Home Automation Products so you can control remotely with your Smartphone, Heating, Air Conditioning, Garden Irrigation, Security Cameras, Lighting, Blinds, Awnings.

Robots Vacuum cleaners with Wifi Roomba | Ecovacs | Conga
Control Irrigation Wifi, 4G | The Best Programmers
Robots Lawnmower with Wifi | The Best for this year
Garden Lighting Control by Wifi and 4G
Air Conditioning and Heating Control by 4G Wifi Network
Control Blinds and Awnings by 4G Wifi Network
Wifi and 4G IP Security Cameras
Smart Plugs Wifi and GSM
4G LTE Wifi Routers | Recommended for Second Home
Remote Control Wifi Controller | TV | Air Conditioning | Blinds
Second Home Remote Control by Wifi and 4G


Our objetive

Our objective is to explain and advise Solutions for Home Automation economic, easy and quick to install, without wiring, without works or complications, using in most cases a Wi-Fi connection, that we all have safely in our home thanks to the Router that we use to connect to the Internet.

We help you to have a Smart House progressively controlled by 3G and 4G Wifi network with your Smartphone Mobile from anywhere.

We have mainly selected Wifi controlled home automation modules so that we can all configure and install them easily without problems, some of them already tested by us several months.

We explain how to do it with the necessary material and where to buy it at the best price in online stores such as Amazon (which is currently considered the largest online store by quantity of products, quality of service and trust).

Recommended Products for 2021

Robots Vacuum Cleaners with Wifi

In the ecosystem of Home Automation can not miss a very useful appliance that will help us to have our house always clean saving a lot of time as the Robots Vacuum cleaners of the best brands such as: Roomba, Conga, Ecovacs.

Remote Control Garden | Irrigation, Robots Lawn Mower, Lighting

The Irrigation of our Garden, we can also control it remotely by installing a Programmer with integrated Wifi and achieve a water saving of up to 50%. Highly Recommended to install in a Second Home and control it throughout the year online with Mobile.

We recommend the best Robotic Lawnmowers with Wifi so that you forget to mow the lawn throughout the year and especially in summer when we are on holiday.

Whether you have a large or small garden here you will find the right model among the quality brands we offer such as: Landroid, Bosch, Gardena, Robomow.

The lighting of our garden can also be controlled from anywhere with our smartphone in different ways such as installing smart plugs or bulbs with integrated Wi-Fi.

Control Wifi Air Conditioning and Heating

Our air conditioning device and heat pump, we can control it remotely easily from our Mobile with a Wifi Remote Controller, a Sensibo Wifi Controller or a Smart Plug.

The Heating can also be controlled with the Mobile installing a Smart Thermostat if we have gas boiler. If we have electric radiators we can use a Smart Plug for each radiator.

Remote Control of Blinds and Awnings

We advise you how to control the blinds and awnings with remote control or with the Mobile from anywhere.

You will find motors for blinds and awnings, modules with remote control, Wifi controllers for remote controls or switches for motors with integrated Wifi.

IP Security Cameras Wifi 4G

Installing Wifi cameras, we will have our house and garden always guarded from anywhere with our Smartphone. We recommend them especially for remote surveillance in Second Residence and also to have a visual control of the state of our garden when we are absent several months.

We inform you about different models for indoor or outdoor with and without rotation.

Smart Plugs Wifi and GSM

With smart plugs we can remotely control a wide variety of appliances such as lamps, fans, electric coffee makers, water heaters or heating with electric radiators (ideal for Second Home).

We recommend the best brands such as D-Link, TP-Link, TECKIN.

Wifi Remote Control Controller

It is a highly recommended Home Automation equipment of small dimensions and with good price taking into account the large number of control possibilities that it offers us.

With a single device we can control the TV, the stereo, the air conditioning or the blinds.

Wifi Router 4G

It is the first equipment we need to be able to install our Home Automation devices.

In most cases we will not have problems because we will use the one we already have at home to connect to the Internet.

But in the event that we need to control a Second Home without a landline, we will need to install a 4G Wifi Router.

We have chosen brands known as D-Link, TP-Link or ASUS, which have SIM card slot to get a stable and seamless connection.

Remote Control of Second Home

All the products and recommendations you will find on this website can be applied to control with our Mobile a Second Residence.

These home automation equipment are ideal to turn on the air conditioning or heating a few hours before arriving and also to control the house installing Wifi cameras, the lighting of the garden to simulate presence and especially to control a Wifi irrigation programmer to achieve a water saving of up to 50%.

If we don’t have a landline, we can also control our house by installing a 4G Wifi Router.

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