Best Smart Wifi Thermostat for 2021

Save up to 37% on Heating with the Netatmo Wifi Thermostat

Among the Wifi thermostats available at Amazon we have chosen the Netatmo Smart Thermostat as the first option, for being the best selling and valued, for its excellent quality/ price ratio.

It has an elegant design with interchangeable adhesives to adjust the color that best fits our decoration since it can be wirelessly placed on a table or fixed on the wall.

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat allows us to control the heating of our house remotely from anywhere by installing the manufacturer’s free app on our smartphone (iOS and Android) over 3G or 4G Wifi network.

The Netatmo Thermostat is compatible with gas, heat pump, diesel and wood boilers.

It also supports Alexa so you can control it with your voice.

Save energy by buying a Thermostat with Wifi

This Wifi Thermostat allows you to save up to 37% on your heating, since it has a program that is based on your lifestyle to activate the heating only when it is really needed, It also relies on the insulation of your home and on the outside temperature to put heating into operation and save energy.

It is very useful to use it in departures of weekends in winter to turn on the heating before arriving home with our smartphone and to have the house to the desired temperature when we arrive.

Smart Thermostat Wifi Netatmo

Save more energy by installing a Netatmo Smart Valve

Additionally you can complete your installation by installing a Netatmo Wifi Smart Valve on each radiator and control the temperature of each room individually from the same application that controls the thermostat.

The Netatmo Smart Valve can detect if a window is open and turn off the heating to save energy. It is also able to adjust the temperature of the room taking into account the solar radiation or the use we give the room.

You can also adjust the temperature manually and view the current temperature visually on each radiator or using the app with our Smartphone from anywhere.

Important to bear in mind

In order to quickly install a Netatmo Smart Valve we need our radiators to have a thermostatic valve already installed.

In case of having manual valves (which only open or close the water passage), we would have to contact a professional to change them for thermostatic valves.

Netatmo Smart Valve