Control your House and Garden with Mobile

The Wifi Security Cameras are one of the most useful Home Automation products and that provides more Security with a very affordable price.

We can use them to monitor the interior or exterior of our house with an easy, fast and wireless installation, connecting them by Wifi to our Router.

They can be controlled by Wifi and 4G network with our mobile phone from anywhere by downloading the manufacturer’s app.

Recommended Uses for IP Wifi Cameras

To control our house against possible robberies and intruders with instant warnings on our mobile sending photos and videos when the camera detects movement or sound.

We also recommend the installation of Wifi cameras if we have a Second House to have controlled at all times both inside and outside and to be able to see the status of the lawn or plants.

To watch over old people or a baby’s sleep.


HD Wifi Cameras and D-Link Hub

2 HD Wifi Cameras and D-Link Hub DCS-2802KT-EU

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Indoor Wifi Camera HD DIYtech

Wifi Indoor Camera HD DIYtech C7W Motorized

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YI Dome X HD Indoor Wifi Camera

YI Dome X HD 1080p Indoor Wifi Camera with Rotation

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Wifi Camera YI Home HD Indoor

Wifi Camera YI Home Full HD 1080p Indoor

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