Plug Controlled by SMS, APP and Call

With the T4-GSM Smart Plug we can control the power on and off remotely and from anywhere of the devices that we plug into it such as Heating, Air Conditioning, Routers, Servers, Lights or the Water Heater.

It works by sending SMS messages, using the App or making a Call.

Recommended for Control and Heating in Second Home

If we have a Second Home or Country House it will be very useful to turn on the heating a few hours before arriving with our Mobile Phone, just send an SMS message and find the house at the desired temperature when arriving.

We can also control the temperature of the house with the temperature probe you have. We can even program it to turn on or off the heating when it reaches the temperature we set for it.

Another very interesting feature that it has, is the sending of alerts by cutting and restoring power. These alerts will be very useful if we install it in a Second Residence for example to know whether or not the refrigerator or our surveillance system works and act accordingly.

Ideal for Rebooting the Router

If we have installed a Security system with Cameras or other Home Automation Modules such as Smart Irrigation Programmers connected to a Router, it will be very useful for us to remotely restart the Router and other devices when they are blocked.

Operation of the T4-GSM Plug

You do not need to be connected to the Internet or Wifi.

For the start-up we will need a SIM card from any operator with the PIN Code Off (the Code can be deactivated with a Mobile Phone).

The most economical option is to choose a Prepaid SIM Card (with rechargeable balance), since the consumption will only be of the SMS messages of the notifications sent to us by the Smart Plug T4-GSM. You also have to take into account that the Mobile Phone operator you choose has coverage in the area where we want to install it.

Installation for Boiler Control

Features of the T4-GSM Plug

  • Works with SMS, APP or Phone Call
  • Has SIM card slot (normal size)
  • Accept SIM Card from any Operator
  • Has button for manual control
  • Temperature sensor with cable
  • Controls devices with consumption up to 3.600W
  • You can program its on and off
  • You can also turn the heating on or off when it reaches a set temperature level
  • SMS notifications due to power cut or return and due to reaching the programmed temperature
Smart Plug T4-GSM