Control Irrigation from anywhere with the Mobile

Orbit B-hyve Irrigation Programmer is installed between the faucet and the handle easily, quickly without any wiring.

We recommend it for its rugged design, good quality finish, performance and best price considering the high performance it has.

Control by Wifi or Bluetooth Network

The Orbit Irrigation Programmer for Tap, we can control it remotely from anywhere with our Smartphone by downloading the free B-Hyve app for Android or iOS.

We can also control and program it locally via Bluetooth.

The Wi-Fi Remote that this programmer has is ideal for watering our Garden, Orchard or Plants with sprinklers or drip especially when we go on holiday and even to install in a Second Home.

Save Water with Smart Irrigation Programmer

This Programmer is able to save a lot of water with its exclusive intelligent system Weather Sense, which takes into account the characteristics of the terrain such as shade, the sun, the inclination of the terrain to irrigate with just the right amount of water.

You can also connect to nearby weather stations not to water for example if it is raining.

It has water consumption control to better manage the water of our irrigation saving much more.

Expandable to Control up to 6 Zones

The Orbit Irrigation System for Tap, can be extended to control up to 6 Wifi Programmers independently.

It is ideal for both a small Garden and a large Garden, because we can program and control remotely with our Mobile up to 6 different hoses.

Features of the Orbit Programmer

  • Can be controlled by Wifi or Bluetooth network
  • Smartphone control by downloading the B-Hyve App available for Android or iOS
  • Measures the water consumption
  • Up to 6 programmers can be connected with a Wifi hub
  • The programmer works with batteries without any cable to the inside
  • Smart irrigation based on local weather conditions
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant
  • Robust and weather resistant design

Highly Recommended for Summer and Holidays

We recommend this programmer of Irrigation Wifi for hose, because it is one of the best that we can find with great quality, stable operation and a very resistant design.

It is ideal to control our Garden, Orchard, Plants and Pots when we go on vacation or go out for a few days, without depending on a person who is in charge of watering, since we can program or activate the watering instantly from anywhere with our Mobile.

We also recommend watering Plants or Flowerpots if we have a large or small patio. To water Pots we recommend installing a hose with drip irrigation system.

Orbit B-hyve Irrigation Programmer for Faucet