Control from anywhere by Mobile

The Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 313 designed for the control of Heating with Gas Boilers, is one of the best options that we recommend if you want to change your current thermostat for a digital one with Wifi, for its good quality/ price ratio and the energy savings we will get.

Recommended for Quality and Price

It is made of quality materials, such as its polycarbonate frame, its buttons are resistant and its circuit is accurate.

It has a good price and is also one of the best selling and valued Wifi thermostats on Amazon.

Control the Thermostat with your Mobile

One of the most useful functions that has the Thermostat Beok BOT 313, is to be able to control it from anywhere by internet with our Smartphone by Wifi network installing the Beok Home app.

We can turn on or program the heating before arriving home to be at the desired temperature when returning, especially useful when we leave on the weekends or for holidays.

Activate the Voice Heating

This Thermostat can also be controlled with voice because it is compatible with the main voice assistants that exist like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Installation of the Beok Wifi Thermostat

The installation is quite easy and we can do it ourselves, if we have a basic knowledge of electricity.

It is installed in a built-in box, but if we do not have a built-in box in the place where we are going to install it, we can install a surface box but with a more decorative design than the traditional ones.

Important to bear in mind

This Thermostat needs a 220V AC power, and we will need to have the two wires passed (N and L) up to the built-in or surface box for it to work.

Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 313

Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 306RF (Wireless Installation)

The following thermostat has features very similar to the previous model but with the main difference that its installation is wireless.

For the installation it has two modules, one wireless RF that we will place next to our Gas Boiler by cables to communicate with the Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 306RF wirelessly.

This Thermostat can be placed in any room of our house, plugging your base.

Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 306RF (Wireless Installation)