High Image Quality and Motorized Rotation

Motion and Sound Detection

The YI Dome X HD 1080p Indoor Wifi Camera is able to identify the movement detection of people or pets from objects.

When it detects movement of a person or pet it records in the cloud 6 seconds of video and sends us a notification to our Mobile phone to be able to see the video that will be available for 7 days.

It will also send notifications to the Mobile when it detects sounds such as crying of a baby or the breakage of a glass caused by a possible intruder.

Efficient Motorized Rotation

With the high image quality Full HD 1080p together with its efficient motorized rotation system of 340º in horizontal and 95º in vertical we can control in detail the room or room where we install the camera.

Thanks to its advanced motorized rotation system you can track the movement detected by a person or pet by automatically turning the camera so you don’t miss any details.

High Quality Night Vision

It has infrared night vision with 8 LEDs to see everything in detail even in totally dark environments. Its advanced night vision technology does not affect the possible changes of light avoiding false notifications.

If we wish we can also disable the blue led indicator so that it does not bother us at night or so that no one knows that the camera is active.

Smartphone control via 4G Wi-Fi Network

By downloading the mobile app available for Android or Apple we will be able to control all the functions of the camera from anywhere like watching live what happens in our house, activate the video recording, control the rotation or communicate with people near the camera thanks to its two-way sound incorporating microphone and speaker.

Quick and Aasy Installation

The YI Dome X HD 1080p Indoor Wifi Camera is quickly installed in just 3 steps. First we download the YI Home App, plug in the camera and finally we pair the camera by following the steps on the screen of our Smartphone.

With its elegant design we can install it on any furniture or shelf, or we can even fix it on the ceiling.

YI Dome X HD Indoor Wifi Camera Features

  • Motorized rotation of 340º and 95º
  • High Image Quality Full HD 1080p
  • Wide viewing angle 110º
  • Control with Mobile Network Wifi and 4G
  • Motion and sound sensor
  • Installation without a computer
  • High quality night vision
  • Bidirectional sound
  • Supports Micro SD card up to 128 GB
  • Installation on shelves or ceilings
  • Compatible with Android or Apple
Camera YI Dome X HD 1080p Indoor Wifi