Control Wifi with Smartphone

Control Air Conditioning from Anywhere with Mobile

With the Sensibo Air Conditioning Wifi Controller, you can remotely control the functions of your Climate Control via the Internet with your Smartphone such as: turn on, turn off, temperature, fan speed, or schedule automatic switching on and off times.

It works with Split Air Conditioners, mobile, window or central type that operate with remote control.

It is compatible with all brands of air conditioners with remote control. It is also compatible with Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Siri. 


The commissioning is easy and fast, we simply have to download the app for Apple or Android and synchronize it with our Wifi Router.

It is not necessary to install any type of wiring, we just have to plug the controller into any plug that is in the same room as the Split Air Conditioning that we want to control remotely with our Smartphone.

Your House Always at the Desired Temperature

The Sensibo Wifi Controller is especially useful to turn on the air conditioning in summer before arriving home with our mobile phone, to find the house at a pleasant temperature when arriving. We can also use it in winter if the climate control has heat pump.

Recommended for Second Home

It is very useful to install it if we have a Second Residence to have a remote control and turn it on from anywhere with our mobile phone before arriving to find our house at the desired temperature both in summer and in winter if our air conditioner has heat pump.

We will need a 4G Wifi Router if we do not have a fixed line. We recommend the best in the following link: 4G Wifi Routers recommended.

Sensibo Air Conditioning Wifi Controller