Enchufe Inteligente Wifi TP-LINK HS110

TP-LINK Wifi Plug Utilities

With this Smart Wifi Plug TP-LINK HS110, we can remotely control virtually any appliance with plug or lights through our Smartphone connected by Wifi, 3G or 4G network from anywhere to thousands of kilometers.

For example we can turn on and off appliances such as central boiler heating or electric radiators, air conditioning, fans, refrigerators, and many more because it supports a power of up to 3.680W.

Using this Home Automation module we will be able to know at all times the status of the appliance plugged in from the application (Kasa de TP-LINK) and turn it off for example if we have left it on by forgetting, which will help us to save electricity and gain security, like an iron or an electric radiator.

On and Off Programming

It can be programmed from the application so that the plug-in appliance or lamp is switched on or off at the automatically scheduled time, (also indicated to simulate presence by switching on and off lights). Recommended for second home.

Built-in Power Monitor

Another highlight of this Smart Plug is that it has a monitor that measures from free app, (TP-LINK Kasa) installed on our mobile phone Android or iOS Smartphone, real-time power consumption and we can also see the history of the appliance or lamp that we have plugged in.

Main Features

  • It is controlled by Wifi, 3G and 4G network
  • Measures the energy consumption
  • Weekly and hourly schedules can be made
  • Operating voltage 100-240VAC, 16A
  • Accepts a 3.680 W Máx. Consumo
  • Control con la applicación free, (Kasa de TP-LINK)
  • Android 4.1 or higher and iOS v8 or higher
  • Returns to its programmed state in case of power failure
  • Modern and elegant design


We especially recommend this Smart Wifi TP-LINK plug for its performance and its excellent quality / price, being also the best selling and valued at Amazon.

Smart Wifi Plug TP-LINK HS110  (With control of consumption)

As an alternative there is also available another model more economical, Smart Wifi Plug TP-LINK HS100, of the same characteristics and design but with the difference that it does not have the monitor to control the consumption of appliances or lights that we have plugged.

Smart Wifi Plug TP-LINK HS100  (No consumption control)