Control your House by Red Wifi from anywhere!

With this Home Automation module controlled by Wifi, 3G or 4G network, we can control from anywhere downloading the app with our mobile Android Smartphone or iOs, virtually all our devices with IR (infrared) remote control such as TVs, stereos, DVD, air conditioning etc.

This Wifi Remote Control Controller also has the function of RF control (radio frequency), with which we can control other devices that work with remote control such as plugs, lights, curtains or blinds.

Another fact to note is that if for example we install it in our living room we can control at the same time, using only our Smartphone, TV, DVD, stereo or air conditioning, since its interior design incorporates 7 infrared sensors that cover a 360 degree angle.

It also works with Alexa to control your voice devices.

Ideal for Wifi control of the air conditioning

But where we have really found very useful this IR/ RF Infrared Controllers Wifi Controller is for the control of the air conditioning in our usual home and especially if we have a Second Home.

Using this device we can for example turn on the air conditioning or heat pump before arriving home with our smartphone to find the house at the desired temperature when arriving.

Recommended for Second Home

It is ideal to use in a second home and to be able to turn on from anywhere the heat pump in winter or the air conditioning in summer a few hours before arriving and find the house at a pleasant temperature.

To install it in a second home we will need to have internet connection with a Wifi router, which in the case of no fixed line must be a Wifi Router 3G or 4G

BroadLink RM4 PRO Wi-Fi Controller for IR / RF Remote Controls