For Hose Tap with Flow Meter

With the LinkTap G2 Wifi Irrigation Programmer for Hose Faucet we can remotely control by internet with our Mobile the irrigation with sprinklers or dripping of our Garden with Grass, Plants, Pots or even if we have a Vegetable Garden.

4G Wifi Control with Mobile, Tablet and Computer

We can control the LinkTap G2 programmer from anywhere with our Mobile phone, Tablet by downloading the Android or iOS app. Also via Web using a Computer.

To put it into operation we need to connect to our Wifi router the included link base that will bridge between our router and the irrigation programmer.

With a Wi-Fi link base we can control up to 15 LinkTap G2 Programmers to adapt our irrigation system whether we have a small or a large garden.

Save up to 50% Water

It can be programmed to work automatically according to local weather conditions and suspend irrigation if it is raining or it is expected to rain in the next few hours.

We can also stop it instantly with the mobile phone by Wifi or 4G if we know it is raining or it is expected to rain to save a lot of water.

One of the most useful features of this LinkTap G2 Wifi Irrigation Programmer is the Flow Meter designed to detect incidents in the irrigation system such as leaks, pipe obstructions or failure in some valve that does not close or open properly.

Recommended for Second Home

This LinkTap G2 Wifi Irrigation Programmer is ideal to install also in Second Residence to activate or program it instantly according to the weather forecast without having to move.

The flow meter will be very useful for us to warn our mobile phone if there is any water leak or other incidence in our irrigation system.

LinkTap G2 Irrigation Programmer Features

  • Control with Mobile Network Wifi, 4G and Web with Computer
  • App for Android or iOS and Web
  • Smart irrigation according to weather forecasts
  • Measures water flow to detect leaks or blockages
  • Includes Wifi (Gateway) link base to control up to 15 Programmers
  • The Bonding Base Works with 4 AA alkaline batteries lasting more than 2 years
  • Send notifications or emails of system status or incidents such as water leaks
  • It is resistant to rain and UV rays
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
Programmer Irrigation Wifi LinkTap G2 for Tap and Base Link