Electric Radiator with Wifi Gridinlux HOMELY

We recommend this Electric Radiator with Wifi integrated by its quality finish with tempered glass front, its fine and elegant design so you can install it on the wall or on the floor.

Another outstanding feature of this thermal emitter is the possibility of controlling it by Wifi Network with our mobile phone from anywhere.

It is also ideal to install it easily and quickly if we have a Second Home.

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Smart Thermostat Wifi Netatmo

Save up to 37% on your heating bill by installing in your home this Netatmo Smart Thermostat controlled by 3G 4G Wifi network with your Smartphone from anywhere.

It allows you to remotely control the temperature of your Boiler with Gas operation centrally or individually room by room additionally installing smart valves in each radiator.

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Smart Thermostat Wifi Nest Learning

Termostato Inteligente Wifi Nest Learning T3010IT

Installing this Nest Smart Thermostat in your home will save you every month on the gas bill, since the Thermostat can learn the temperature levels you use every day to consume only the necessary energy.

You can also remotely control all the functions from anywhere with your Mobile, downloading its app for Apple or Android.

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Smart Thermostat Honeywell Home T6R

This Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat just like the previous ones has high performance that will save you a lot of energy using Heating intelligently and only at the right times.

We can also control the Gas Boiler with our Wifi Mobile, and it is even able with the Geolocation of our Smartphone to know when we are returning to activate the heating and find the house at the usual temperature when we return.

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Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 313

You also have a cheaper option by buying the Thermostat Wifi Beok BOT 313 for Gas Boiler, but with lower performance than the previous models.

The main features that this Wifi Thermostat does not have with respect to the previous models are the following:

  • No control based on your daily habits to save more energy
  • You cannot control the heating according to the location of our Mobile

But you will be able to control the Boiler remotely from anywhere with your Mobile.

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Heating Control with 3G/4G Smart Wifi Plug

Control Electric Radiators by Wifi

The Heating can also be controlled with our Smartphone Mobile phone using a Smart Plug from anywhere by downloading the corresponding app.

Using Smart Plugs to control Heating (on and off) with electric radiators or thermal emitters, is the fastest and most economical way, because we will only need to buy a Smart Plug for each radiator, to have our heating controlled by 3G or 4G Wifi network from anywhere and without having to install any wiring.

Note: to know if you can use the electric radiators with a smart plug you have to make the following check: turn on the radiator with the usual setting and then without touching any button unplug it and plug it back into the current. If the radiator turns on without touching any buttons, we can use a smart plug.

We can also use a Smart Wifi Plug to turn on or off our Boiler.

Recommended to turn on the Heating in our Second Home

The remote heating control is ideal to use it if we have a Second Home and have the house at the desired temperature on arrival. We will also need an internet connection and a Wifi Router, but if we do not have a fixed network in our Second Residence, we can quickly install a 3G or 4G Wifi Router.

In the following link you can see the features of several models of Wifi Plugs, so you can choose the most suitable according to your needs. We have chosen well-known brands taking into account quality / price, to ensure a stable performance.

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Heating Control with Smart Plug T4-GSM (SMS Messages)

Boiler Control with SMS Messages or Calls

With this T4-GSM Smart Plug controlled by Text Messages (SMS) or Calls, we can also turn on or off our Heating from anywhere with our Mobile Phone.

No Internet is required, it works with a SIM card of any Mobile Phone operator.

Ideal for Second Home and Country House

Highly recommended also for use in a Second Home or Country House for its easy and quick installation. We just need to plug our Boiler or Electric Radiator into the T4-GSM Plug.

Specially recommended to turn on or off the Boiler of your heating.

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How to choose the right Smart Plug?

Smart Wifi Plug

Recommended for the control of Electric Radiators in our Habitual Residence or our Second Residence.

– GSM Smart Plug (SMS Messages and Calls)

Ideal to turn on or off the Boiler of our Second House with a single plug and without Internet connection.

Do you need help?

If you have any questions about which remote heating control system you should use, you can contact us to advise you on the most appropriate one based on our experience.

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