Robomow, is a well known brand for its high quality and performance after more than 20 years dedicated to the manufacture of Robotic Lawnmowers, which has helped him to win several awards at European level.

Cut to the Edges of the Garden

The Robomow Robot Lawn Mower, have a resistant and modern design, being able to cut the grass at wheel level. Its exclusive cutting system also mows the edges of the Garden for a perfect finish and save us time and money without using other tools.

Control Robomow Robot Lawn Mower with Mobile via Bluetooth

Its operation is easy, and we can even program and activate it locally with our Mobile Smartphone via Bluetooth by downloading the app for Apple or Android.

Different Models for Large and Small Garden

Robomow is available in several models to suit the dimensions of your Garden, and even has a high-end model that can cut a width of up to 56 cm and complete the Garden cut in less time than other brands.

Features of the Robomow Robot Lawnmower

  • Can be controlled with our Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • It has very strong steel blades and mow the lawn much faster than other brands
  • Make the first cut of the season with high grass
  • Some models can overcome slopes with a drop of 36%

Models Robomow Available

Up to 250m² | 1/20 Acre

Up to 400m² | 1/8 Acre