The Best Conga Vacuum Cleaner and the Most Powerful Robot on the Market

The Robot Vacuum cleaner Conga Cecotec Wifi 6090 Ultra is the highest in the Conga range and the most power vacuum has if we compare it with other brands keeping also the best price.

It has a power of up to 10,000 PA, and cyclonic aspiration technology.

Your Brush Sucks 3 More Times

This Vacuum Cleaner Robot, like the previous model, incorporates the new Jalisco Brush and is able to vacuum 3 times more dirt at once.

It has another rubber brush to thoroughly clean pet hairs and carpets.

Suck, Barre and Friega at the same time

It has a mixed tank for solids and liquids to be able to suck and scrub the soil at the same time.

Thanks to its unique sway movement it gets an efficient scrubbing.

It also has electronic water level control to keep even moisture in your mop.

It has three scrubbing powers to get a perfect finish according to the type of soil and dirt.

Remote Control with Mobile and Voice

Downloading your app on our Smartphone we can control and program from anywhere the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 6090 Ultra by Wifi network and 4G, we can even connect it to the high speed Wifi network 5 GHz.

It is compatible with the voice assistants of Alexa or Google and we will be able to control with the voice some of the most important functions of our Robot Vacuum cleaner.

Intelligent Laser Navigation

The Robot Conga 6090 Ultra, has a novel 360º laser navigation system that covers the total surface and is able to recognize high obstacles such as furniture, sofas, tables to choose the best route saving time and battery.

You can save 50 different cleaning plans to later order you to clean only the room or stay we need.

It keeps up to 5 different maps of our house, and we can include in each of them several rooms. It is ideal for multi-storey housing.

Thanks to its advanced navigation system we can make it clean only the rooms we need to clean at any time and we can even send it to clean only a specific area as under a table.

Features of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 6090 Ultra

  • High suction power up to 10,000 PA
  • Cyclonic aspiration
  • 360º laser navigation
  • Jalisco brush that sucks up to 3 times more
  • Special brush for carpets and pet hair
  • Suck it up and scrub it out
  • Smartphone control via Wifi and 4G network
  • Mixed tank for solids and liquids
  • Range up to 240 minutes
  • Returns alone to the base when the battery runs out
  • 10 cleaning programs
  • Stores 50 cleaning plans and 5 maps
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Has remote control
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga Cecotec Wifi 6090 Ultra

The Vacuum Robot Conga 5090 Wifi is distinguished from the previous model by its lower suction power (8.000 PA)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga Cecotec Wifi 5090