Works with Battery 9v | Submersible to Install in Tank

The Solem Bluetooth / Lora LR-IP Outdoor Sprinkler Irrigation Controller is designed to be installed directly in the pot, as its case is watertight and fully submersible.

It works wirelessly with Battery 9v, and can be installed in small gardens and is especially prepared to cover large areas without electric current.

All functions are controlled with our Mobile phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, and even optionally can be remotely controlled from anywhere by purchasing a Solem Wifi Base Station / Lora LR-MB.

The LR-MB Solem Wireless Base Station uses long-range wireless technology and low LORA consumption, achieving a range of up to 5 times more.

What is Lora Technology?

Lora, is a wireless communication technology similar to WiFi or Bluetooth, but with the great advantage that it has a long range, is resistant to interference with a very low power consumption.
It is ideal for home automation equipment that runs on batteries, making the batteries last several years.

Advantages of Smartphone Wifi Control

With the Solem Bluetooth Outdoor Irrigation Programmer / Lora LR-IP controlled by Wifi, 3G or 4G network, we will be able to control in our irrigation system installed in the garden the following functions: turn on or off in real time the irrigation, change the timing and watering time of each solenoid valve, timing the activation in case of rain so that it stands between 1 and 15 days and then continues with its usual programming.

We will have all this control with our mobile phone Smartphone or Tablet installing the free App (MySOLEM) available for iOs and Android.

Installation of the Solem Outdoor Irrigation Programmer

The programmer can be easily replaced by our current programmer taking into account the operating voltage of the solenoid valves which in this case will be 9V.

We will not need to pass any type of wiring from the electrovalves to the interior of the house, which saves making ditches in the garden or having to pass cables through the facade.

Important to bear in mind

To connect it to the internet, we also have to buy the Wifi Base Station / Lora Solem LR-MB, which we will connect via Wifi to our router and will bridge between our Wifi router and the Solem Irrigation Programmer LR-IP.

The Wifi Base Station / Lora LR-MB can control up to 25 Solem LR-IP Wifi Irrigation Programmers and has a range of up to 800 meters.

Features of Solem Bluetooth Irrigation Programmer / Lora

  • Available in 1, 2 and 4 stations
  • Remote Control with Smartphone por Bluetooth / Lora / Wifi
  • App for Android or iOS
  • Internet control via Web with Computer
  • Range of connection Lora 800 meters approximately
  • Master valve can be connected
  • Connection for rain sensor
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting
  • Works with a 9v alkaline battery
  • Watertight and submersible IP68

Ideal to install in Second Home

Solem Bluetooth Programmer / Lora / Wifi is ideal to install in Second Residence and be able to program it comfortably from our usual home, especially in winter, in time changes and stop it if it is raining to save a significant amount of water.

To be able to control it by Wifi and 4G with our Mobile Phone from anywhere we will need to buy also the Base Station Solem Wifi / Lora LR-MB.

We also recommend installing an Outdoor Wifi Security Camera to be able to watch the weather live, observe the state of the lawn and turn off the irrigation if it is raining and activate it again when the weather improves.

If we install in our Second Home an External Wifi Security Camera and the Solem Irrigation Programmer LR-IP with the Wifi Station / Lora, we will have to install a Wifi Router 4G if we do not have fixed line internet connection.

Recommendation based on our experience

We have tested this Solem Programmer for more than two years and have had very good performance and stability results.

Positive Assessment:

  • Quick installation without wiring to the interior of the house.
  • It recovers the Wifi connection with ease in case of restart of the router or power failure.
  • Stable connection between the two modules (the Solem Outdoor Irrigation Programmer LR-IP Bluetooth / Lora and the Wifi Base Station / Lora LR-MB).

Models available on Amazon

This module is required to connect by Wifi the Solem Outdoor Irrigation Programmers LR-IP Bluetooth / Lora 1, 2 and 4 stations

Wifi Base Station / Lora Solem LR-MB

 1 Station

Solem Irrigation Programmer LR-IP Bluetooth / Lora 1 Station

2 Stations

Solem Irrigation Programmer LR-IP Bluetooth / Lora 2 Stations

4 Stations

Solem Irrigation Programmer LR-IP Bluetooth / Lora 4 Stations