Elegant Design with High Image and Sound Quality

The Inner Wifi Camera YI Home Full HD 1080p, is one of the best cameras that we can find today at the best price and high performance.

We highlight its excellent modern design to be able to install it in any room of our home or office and its great image quality Full HD 1080p and Sound.

Video with Full HD Quality

Thanks to its high quality HD 1080p image, we will be able to see everything in detail with intense colors and with its great reduction of digital noise.

Night Vision IR

It has IR night vision (infrared), high quality not to miss any detail even in totally dark environments.

We can use it to monitor the baby’s sleep since it has a sound sensor to send notifications when it detects the baby’s crying.

Night vision will also help us to have our house always guarded against potential intruders by sending notifications to our Mobile Phone when it detects movement or sounds such as broken glass.

Communication with Bidirectional Sound

The YI Home Indoor Wifi Camera has a microphone and speaker with high sound quality to be able to speak through our Smartphone Mobile with people who are in the same room as the camera.

Control with Mobile Network Wifi and 4G

By downloading the App for Android or Apple, we will have our home or office always controlled from anywhere with our Smartphone.

We will be able to see what is happening at any time, record video, sound or communicate thanks to bidirectional sound.

We can also connect to the camera using a computer by downloading the PC application.

Quick and easy Installation

It is installed quickly, without the need for a computer.

Installation is easily done in just 3 steps:

  1. We downloaded the app with our smartphone
  2. We plug the power cable into the camera
  3. In the app click connect the new camera and follow the instructions displayed on the Mobile screen

Features of the YI Home Indoor Wifi Camera

  • Image quality Full HD 1080p
  • Night vision IR
  • Bidirectional sound with microphone and speaker
  • Motion detector
  • Baby Sound Sensor and Crying Detector
  • Control with Smartphone by Wifi or 4G network and with computer
  • Supports Micro SD card up to 32 GB
  • Compatible with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.0 or higher
Camera Wifi YI Home Full HD 1080p Indoor

Indoor Wifi Camera YI Home Full HD 1080p | 2 Units

Indoor Wifi Camera YI Home Full HD 1080p | 4 Units