Tank with Automatic Emptying

iRobot i7+ Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for 2023

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) Wifi, has the most advanced technology in robotics for home cleaning, which makes it ideal as a great offer to consider if we want to make a very useful gift by buying it at the best price.

iRobot Roomba i7+ with Automatic Emptying

Its base charging station incorporates a circuit with a bag for the automatic emptying of the tank.

The bag of the automatic emptying system has a capacity to store up to 30 tanks, so we can forget about its maintenance for several weeks.

Smartphone control via Wi-Fi network

We can control it over Wifi and 4G network with our Mobile from anywhere installing the iRobot HOME app.

You can program it remotely, see which rooms you have left to clean or which you have already cleaned, and also send us notifications when you have finished vacuuming the whole house.

Aspiration 10 Times Higher

Its unique three-phase cleaning design has two flexible rubber brushes that adapt to all types of floors such as wood or carpets.

Its Dirt Detect technology detects the level of dirt and soil type to clean more deeply.

It has a high suction power up to 10 times higher than the 600 series models.

Program only the Rooms you want Clean

The iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) Wifi Vacuum Cleaner Robot, with its advanced Imprint Smart Mapping system, is able to know the locations of each room, and can be programmed to clean only the rooms that interest you every moment.

It has the most advanced navigation iAdapt 3.0, which along with its high technology vSLAM, is able to scan 230,400 reference points per second to know at all times the places that you have cleaned and those that remain to clean.

Compatible with Pets

Thanks to its high power of aspiration makes it ideal to use if we have pets like dogs or cats, being able to collect remains of hair, feed or sand.

Even its powerful filter can collect up to 99% of allergens from mold, pollen, or dust mites released by dogs and cats.

Features of the iRobot Roomba i7+

  • Tank with automatic emptying
  • Power 10 times higher than 600 Series
  • Has 2 flexible rubber brushes for all floors
  • Visual location of iAdapt 3.0 objects
  • Pet compatible with allergen filter
  • Lithium battery with duration of 75 minutes
  • Recharges and resumes cleaning automatically
  • It has sensors to avoid stairs or unevenness
  • Can be controlled by Wifi with the Mobile
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba iRobot i7+ (i7556) Wifi

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba i7156 Wifi has the same features as the previous model iRobot Roomba i7+ but with the difference that it does not have a base with automatic emptying of the tank.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba i7156 Wifi