Control Wifi 4G with Smartphone

Installing this Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi of the well-known brand Rain Bird, we will have all the functions of the irrigation system of our garden controlled with our Smartphone Mobile from anywhere by 3G and 4G Wifi network.

A highlight is its large LCD screen with keyboard to program it manually and its additional Wifi NLK module, necessary to connect it to the Internet by Wifi network.

Another important feature is that we can program it fully automatically, allowing the programmer to activate the irrigation autonomously taking into account the weather conditions of the moment according to the meteorological information that the programmer receives from the Internet.

Features of the Rain Bird ESP-RZXE Wifi Sprinkler Irrigation Controller

  • Can be controlled via Wi-Fi with the Rain Bird NLK Add-on Module
  • Models available for indoor and outdoor
  • Large LCD display and keyboard
  • Can be programmed to operate automatically taking into account weather conditions
  • Each valve can be programmed separately
  • Has connection for weather sensor
  • A master valve can be connected
  • The memory of the programs is not erased
  • Available in 4, 6 and 8 stations
  • Power supply 230V / AC
  • Output 24V / CA

Installation of the Rain Bird Wifi Irrigation Programmer

For installation there are versions of each model both interior and exterior and the modules are designed to be installed in wall with screws.

To be able to control by Wifi network with our Smartphone, we have to connect the Wifi NLK Additional Module and configure it by downloading the app available for Apple or Android.


We recommend always buying it together with the LNK Wifi Additional Module to program it from anywhere and save a significant amount of water, as would be the case if we install it in a Second Home.

The Rain Bird Programmers you will find here already come with the Wifi module included.

Installation in Second Home

If we install it in a Second Residence we can save a lot of water per year, since we can stop it instantly in case of rain or change the programming at any time to adapt it to the new climatic conditions.

We recommend installing an IP Wifi External Security Camera, to see the weather and the state of the lawn. With the external Wifi camera we can also check the operation of the irrigation system in real time, if we connect to the camera with our Smartphone.

If we decide to install the Wifi irrigation programmer and the IP camera, in our second home but we do not have Wifi, it will not be a problem, because we can do it easily by installing a 3G 4G Wifi Router.

Sprinkler Irrigation Controllers Wifi Rain Bird ESP-RZXE (Indoor)

4 Zones

Rain Bird Irrigation Programmer ESP-RZXE4 4 Zones Indoor + LNK Wifi Module

 6 ZonesRain Bird Irrigation Programmer ESP-RZXE6 6 Zones Indoor + LNK Wifi Module

8 ZonesRain Bird Irrigation Programmer ESP-RZXE8 8 Zones Indoor + LNK Wifi Module

Sprinkler Irrigation Controllers Wifi Rain Bird ESP-RZXE (Outdoor)

4 Zones

Rain Bird Irrigation Programmer ESP-RZXE4 4 Zones Outdoor + LNK Wifi Module

6 Zones

Rain Bird Irrigation Programmer ESP-RZXE6 6 Zones Outdoor + LNK Wifi Module

8 Zones

Rain Bird Irrigation Programmer ESP-RZXE8 8 Zones Outdoor + LNK Wifi Module