Recommended for Full Features and Price

Excellent Security Camera with high quality HD image to install indoors with Wifi connection and motorized rotation. 

Highly recommended for the good rating you have on Amazon and for its price adjusted taking into account its high performance.

Night Vision

The DIYtech C7W Motorized HD Wifi Interior Camera has Night Vision with infrared LEDs that automatically activate to see in detail in the dark.

Record to Micro SD Card up to 128G

It has slot to install a Micro SD card up to 128G to record videos automatically when it detects movement. From the Android or iPhone app you can view or download videos stored on the Micro SD card from anywhere.

Motion Detection

If we activate motion detection we will receive instant notifications when you detect motion in the app. We may also include an email address for you to send us emails.

Motorized Remote Movement

Another important feature of the DIYtech C7W Motorized HD Wifi Interior Camera is its vertical and horizontal motorized movement that we can control from anywhere with our Smartphone to see in real time the entire stay with a single camera.

Bidirectional Audio

It has a microphone to listen to the sound of the room and Bidirectional audio to be able to speak and listen with the loudspeaker that the camera incorporates.

Camera DIYtech C7W Motorized HD Wifi Indoor