Programador de Riego Wifi para Grifo Hozelock
It is controlled with the Mobile by Wifi Network and 4G

What can we control with the Wifi Tap Irrigation Programmer?

With this Wifi Irrigation Programmer, we can control remotely with our Mobile and from anywhere the Irrigation our Garden, Plants, Orchard, Pots whether we use sprinklers or a drip irrigation system.

It will also help us save on the water bill, because we can turn it off, turn it on instantly or change the time schedule for example if it is raining and we are away from home or vacation.

One of the most important utilities you have is the installation in a Second House, since we can vary the irrigation schedule in the changes of stations or depending on the current time.

Installation of the Hozelock Irrigation Programmer for Wifi Tap

It is the ideal solution if our current irrigation programmer is connected to a tap, since the replacement by the new Hozelock Wifi Irrigation Programmer will be very easy and fast without any wiring.

For the Wifi connection we will have to configure the Hozelock Wifi Hub (necessary to connect it to the internet), with our Wifi router and then synchronize the Wifi hub with the Hozelock Wifi Tap Irrigation Programmer.

All these configuration steps will be done with our Mobile Smartphone in a simple and fast way by installing the corresponding app for Android or iOS.

How to Install the Wifi Irrigation Programmer in Second Home?

If in our Second Residence we do not have Wifi connection we will have to install a 3G or 4G Wifi Router.

We also recommend the installation of an Outdoor Wifi Camera to observe the weather or see the state of our garden in real time and stop it if we see that it is raining and save water.

Technical characteristics

  • Receive weather reports from the weather
  • Can be paused up to 14 days
  • Signal range Wifi 40 meters
  • A Wifi hub can control up to 4 programmers
  • App for iPhone or Android
  • Can be programmed up to 10 times a day
Programador de Riego Wifi para Grifo Hozelock
Programmer Irrigation Wifi for Faucet Hozelock