Programmer Irrigation Orbit B-hyve Smart Wifi | Indoor and Outdoor

Available for 6 and 12 Zones

This 6-Station Orbit B-hyve Wifi Irrigation Programmer can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as its case is weather resistant and has a lockable lid to prevent tampering.

Ideal for Large or Small Garden

Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi Orbit can be used whether we have a large garden or if our garden is small, since there are several modems available for 6 stations or up to 12 stations.

Control Wifi with Smartphone from anywhere

It has a powerful Wi-Fi connection to be able to control with our Mobile all the functions of the programmer, downloading the B-Hyve App for Android or iOS.

We can also program and activate it remotely over the Internet using a computer.

Highly recommended to control the irrigation of the Garden if we have a Second House, since we will not have to move to change the schedule of the programming in the changes of season if we are absent long periods of time.

We can also stop it instantly or interrupt programming for several days if we know it’s raining.

Save up to 50% Water with Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi Orbit B-hyve

The Orbit B-hyve Wifi Programmer is able to connect to local weather stations and water autonomously and intelligently taking into account the climate of the place not to water for example if it is raining.

It also has the Weather Sense Technology that allows you to save more water, watering according to the characteristics of the terrain such as, the slope, the sun that receives, shade or type of soil.

Highly Recommended in Holidays

We recommend it especially to control the Irrigation Programmer with our Mobile Phone on vacation both in our usual residence and if we have a Second Home.

It will be of great use to us, because we will not have to depend on a person who daily takes care of watering during our absence the Garden.

Orbit Intelligent Irrigation Programmer Features

  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • The box has a locked door to prevent handling
  • Available in 6 or 12 stations
  • Wifi Control with Smartphone and Computer
  • App for Android or iOS
  • Supports Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant
  • Has connection for master valve or water pump (relay required)
  • 24 VAC output for sensors
Indoor and Outdoor

Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi Orbit B-hyve 6 Zones

Indoor and Outdoor

Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi Orbit B-hyve 12 Zones

You may also be interested in the following models available only for interior installation with the same characteristics as the previous models but with a different design without screen or buttons.

All control and programming must be done with our smartphone connected by Wifi or Bluetooth network.


Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi Orbit B-hyve 4 Zones


Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi Orbit B-hyve 8 Zones


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