What can we control with this Wifi Irrigation Programmer?

With the Wizelec Wifi Irrigation Programmer connected by Wifi network we can control all the functions of the irrigation of our garden from anywhere with our Mobile Phone Android Smartphone, IPhone or Tablet, and get a saving on the water bill of up to 50%.

We can control up to 6 electrovalves, and also has a relay output to control the lighting of the garden.

As we can check this Wifi irrigation programmer, offers us a total and intelligent control of our irrigation system both manually activating or deactivating at the moment the irrigation system remotely from anywhere and fully automatically, which makes it ideal to install it in a Second Home by connecting it to a Wifi router, which will have to be a 4G Wifi Router, if we do not have a fixed network.

Possibility to connect to Local Weather Station

One of the most interesting options that has this Wizelec Wifi Irrigation Programmer for 6 Zones is the possibility to connect by Wifi network to a local weather station nearby and connect or disconnect the irrigation automatically taking into account weather conditions like the rain, humidity, temperature, solar radiation or wind.

Technical Features of the Wifi Irrigation Programmer

  • Can control up to 6 irrigation areas and a teacher
  • Controls 24VAC solenoid valves
  • It is water resistant (IP-55)
  • Can control exterior lighting (needs an external relay not included)
  • Up to 4 programming per line can be done.
  • Wifi or Ethernet cable connection
  • It can be connected to a rain sensor, a moisture sensor, netatmo rain gauge, Parrot Flower Power, Koubachi plant controller, netatmo weather station.

Electrovalve Connections and Relay for Outdoor Lighting


If we install it in a Second Residence we recommend also installing an Outdoor Wifi Camera to have an instant visual control of the state of the lawn and be able to program it taking into account the current time. We can also see that the sprinklers work correctly by connecting to the external camera.

Wizelec Irrigation Programmer for 6 Zones