Control your Second Home with Mobile

What can we control in our Second Home?

Remote control with your Smartphone (thousands of kilometers), in your Second Residence easily, quickly and economically heating, air conditioning, lights, alarms, security cameras, the garden, automatic irrigation, and many more appliances.

We offer you Our Expertise in Second Home Control

We have years of experience especially in Remote Surveillance and Irrigation control over Internet over Wifi, 3G and 4G network.

During these years, we have achieved good results in such important factors as the monitoring of the house, the control of the irrigation and the condition of the lawn of the garden without moving expressly with absences of more than 7 months.

If you are interested in controlling any equipment that we recommend for your Second Home and you have any questions about the installation or if it can serve you, you can contact us at this email:

Quick and Easy Installation

As you can see below the advice and solutions Domotics that we present you to install in a Second Residence are easy to install, without works or wiring and available to everyone for its easy installation and configuration.

We start with the 3G 4G Wifi Router

The Router is the first Home Automation equipment to which we have to pay special attention if we do not have a fixed line, since in this case we will have to install a Wifi Router 3G or 4G.

These routers in our case are connected to the Internet using a SIM card of any mobile phone operator.

We recommend the best brands such as: D-Link, TP-LINK or ASUS.

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Wifi IP Security Cameras

We can start by installing some Internal Security Camera and in this way we will have the house controlled mainly in the winter months in which we do not go much.

We will have peace of mind taking a look from time to time that everything is in order without having to go expressly.

Also if we have garden we can install an external camera connected by Wifi with which we will have controlled the garden and we will be able to verify that the lawn is green and that there are no leaks of water.

Another highlight of these cameras is that they usually have the possibility to configure them so that they send us photos and notices instantly to our Smartphone mobile phone when they detect movement.

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Irrigation Control by Wifi 3G 4G network

The control of the automatic irrigation of the garden of our Second Home is another very interesting possibility offered by the new technologies and that we have available today, to save up to 50% of water, since we can for example turn off the irrigation at any time if it is raining.

We can also change the time schedule with our smartphone, turn it on or off instantly or put it on pause a few days in winter or if it rains.

All these possibilities that offers us to install a Wifi Irrigation Programmer we will be able to control them from anywhere with our Smartphone iPhone or Android installing the corresponding application.

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Activate the Air Conditioning by Wifi 3G 4G

Activating the air conditioning is also very useful to find the house cool in summer when arriving at our Second Home. For example we can activate it with our Smartphone one or two hours before arriving or the time it is necessary to find the house at the desired temperature when arriving.

It is also very useful for example in summer when we go out for a drink or dinner at night and we do not know when we will arrive, we activate it for example an hour before arriving and we will have the house fresh when we arrive to sleep.

An easy and inexpensive way to control the air conditioning or heat pump would be to use a Wifi Remote Controller.

Another possibility to turn on and off the air conditioning or heat pump remotely, would be with a Smart Plug controlled by Wifi installing one for each air conditioner, (we will have to put a conventional plug to be able to plug the smart plug and put a plug to the outlet of the air conditioning).

In the following link we explain the different ways to control your air conditioner with your phone.

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Control Heating by Wifi 3G 4G

The heating can also be easily controlled with our mobile phone Smartphone, which is very useful when we go in winter to find the house when reaching the desired temperature.

To find the hot house we will turn on the heating either by electric radiators or with heat pump, a few hours before going with our mobile phone.

To activate the heating we will need Smart Plugs with Wifi connection (in the case of electric radiators we will need one for each radiator and for heat pump also one for each device).

In the following link you can see the different ways to control the heating by Wifi with the Mobile.

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Lighting control by WiFi 3G 4G network

We can turn on and off remote lights such as garden lights by installing a smart plug or program on and off automatic to simulate presence.

We can also turn on some interior light if we have security cameras at the time of connecting to the camera to see everything in detail.

A quick and easy way to control part of the interior or garden lighting would be with Smart Wifi Bulbs.

We can also buy a Smart Wifi Plug. If we want to light them and pay for them all at the same time we will need only one, if we want it in phases, one for each phase or light bulb to control.