With the D-Link DSP-W115 Smart Wifi Plug we can control and program the switching on and off of our appliances with our Smartphone via Wifi or 4G network from anywhere by downloading the free mydlink app available for Android or iOS.

We will be able to control remotely by internet practically any appliance of our house, since it supports a maximum consumption of up to 3.680 W.

What can we control with the DSP-W115 D-Link Wifi Plug?

We can control at a distance: lamps, fans, the coffee machine, the iron (as a security measure), the water heater, the air conditioning, electric radiators and many more appliances or electronic devices that we need to control at a distance.

Ideal for Second Home

We also recommend using it if we have a Second House to turn on the heating with electric radiators in winter a few hours before arriving to find the house at a pleasant temperature when arriving.

We can also use it to turn on the hot water thermos in our Second Residence or alternatively lights in our Garden to simulate presence.

To use it in Second Home if we do not have fixed internet connection we will need to install a 4G Wifi Router.

Compatible with Smart Speakers

The Smart Wifi Plug D-Link DSP-W115, we can also control it with our voice, because it is compatible with the main virtual voice assistants Alexa or Google Assistant.


We can program it so that our appliances automatically turn on or off at a set time from our mobile phone.

It is ideal to program lamps and to light at dusk or when we rise automatically and even to simulate presence.

We can also program the heating with electric radiators, electric coffee machine or water heater.

Discreet and Practical Design

It has a discreet design to place anywhere in our house.

It has a practical LED luminous ring to indicate that it is on and can also be used as a night light. In case the light bothers us we can turn it off using a side button.

Features of the D-Link DSP-W115 Wifi Plug

  • Control with Smartphone by Wifi and 4G Network
  • Free app for Android or iOS
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Weekly schedule
  • Maximum power 3.680 W
  • Manual on and off button
  • LED ring with night guide light function
Smart Wifi Plug D-Link DSP-W115

The next Smart Wifi Plug Mini D-Link DSP-W118 has the same features as the previous model, but with the difference that it has a smaller size to be able to plug two together into a double plug.

Smart Wifi Plug Mini D-Link DSP-W118

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