Exclusive Slim Very Low Profile Design

The main feature that stands out of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Slim 10 Wifi is that it has a very low profile to thoroughly clean all corners of the house.

Thanks to its low profile you can easily clean under the sofa, bed or low furniture.

Suck and Scrub at the Same Time

It combines its powerful level of suction with its Ozmo scrubbing system, which incorporates an electronic water pump to dispense the water evenly.

Aspiration without entanglement

The air intake of this Vacuum Cleaner Robot is free of tangles (without brush).

It is ideal for sucking pet hairs, because having the outdoor intake will avoid possible entanglements and jams.

Has three Cleaning Modes

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Slim 10 Vacuum Cleaner Robot has an Auto Cleaning mode to do a Vacuum Cleaner or Scrub in general, using a round-trip system to not repeat or leave any area to clean.

Edge mode to clean only the edges and corners.

Spot mode to thoroughly clean the dirtiest areas.

Control by Wifi Network and 4G with the Mobile

By installing the ECOVACS App on our Smartphone we can control all the functions of the Ecovacs Robot Vacuum Cleaner Deebot Ozmo Slim 10 from anywhere.

We can program it remotely, apply a cleaning mode, or see the current state of the Robot.

Features of the Robot Ecovacs Ozmo Slim 10

  • Very low profile for hard-to-reach areas
  • Vacuum and scrub at the same time
  • Air intake without entanglement
  • It has three cleaning modes
  • Can be controlled with Mobile from anywhere
  • Charges automatically when the battery runs out
  • Has sensors to detect stairs and shutters
  • Efficient filter to avoid allergies
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Slim 10 Wifi

The Robot Vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 Wifi It has the same features as the previous model, but with the difference that it does not scrub the floor.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 Wifi