Sensibo Air Conditioning Wifi Controller

With this Sensibo Wifi Controller for Air Conditioning and Heat Pump, you can control all the functions of your Climate Control like raise or lower the temperature, adjust the fan speed or program it remotely from anywhere over Wi-Fi with your Mobile Smartphone by downloading its app for Apple or Android.

It is compatible with most Air Conditioning brands and can also work with Google Home, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa.

Its installation is easy and fast, no wiring installation is needed, it is installed wirelessly.

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BroadLink Remote Control Wifi Controller

Another easy way to control our Air Conditioning and Heat Pump equipment is by using an IR Infrared Remote Controller controlled by 3G or 4G Wifi network with our Smartphone Mobile from anywhere.

These Home Automation modules work with virtually all brands of air conditioning or heat pump. Its function is to control the device by performing the functions of the remote control by downloading a free app on our Smartphone Mobile.

To put it into operation we just need to connect it to our router by Wifi network, download the app and synchronize it with our air conditioner.

Once we get everything set up, Our Smartphone will make remote control and we can control it from anywhere to find our house at the desired temperature both in summer and in winter if our air conditioning equipment also has heat pump. We recommend its use in Second Residence.

Its installation is easy and fast since it is all installed wirelessly without any wiring, we just need to plug the remote control controller into a socket located in the same room as our air conditioning unit.

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Climate Control with Wifi Plug

In this picture we can see how to connect a cold air conditioner for the summer and with heat pump to use it in the winter months using a Smart Plug to control it by 3G or 4G Wifi network.

We just need to place a plug (in case we don’t have it), in the cable of the air conditioning or heat pump to be able to plug into the smart plug as seen in the image, (to save the aesthetics we recommend installing the cable inside a strip).

Once we have done this simple installation we can turn on and off our air conditioning or heat pump from anywhere by 3G or 4G Wifi network with our Android or iOS smartphone.

To control the air conditioning or heat pump once we have the installation made and configured the smart plug we must do the following:

  1. We plug the air conditioning or heat pump into the smart plug
  2. Activate the smart plug with our Smartphone
  3. Turn on air conditioning or heat pump using your remote control
  4. Once switched on, we turn off the smart plug with our Smartphone and the device will be turned off and ready to be able to turn it on again with our Smartphone from anywhere

NOTE: to keep it ready we will always have to repeat step number 4.

With a smart plug we will only be able to turn it on and off (we will not be able to control other functions at a distance such as the temperature adjustment or programming), but anyway we will be enough since it will be turned on with the last adjustment of temperature, and we will be very useful to connect it before arriving home, and find the house with a pleasant temperature both in summer and in winter if the device has heat pump, especially if we have a second home.

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