Among the brands of Robotic Lawnmowers, we also recommend the well-known Gardena brand for its high quality with 20 years of experience in accessories and machinery for the maintenance of gardens.

Control Wifi and 4G with Mobile

We have chosen the Smart Sileno models to be the ones that offer us the most features and to have the possibility to be controlled with our Smartphone Mobile phone from anywhere installing the corresponding application.

The Wi-Fi control is ideal for use when we are away or on holiday to remotely control our Robotic Lawnmower over the internet at any time.

The Most Quiet and High Performance

The Gardena Smart Sileno Wi-Fi Robotic Lawnmower stands out as one of the quietest with a noise level of only 58 decibels (58 decibels).

Thanks to its high technological level it can be used under any weather condition (even if it is raining) and without having a rain sensor.

Another important feature to highlight is the Sensor-Control function that detects the growth of the lawn and cuts only when the lawn has grown enough.

Features of the Gardena Smart Sileno Robotic Lawnmower

  • With its advanced cutting system (Sensor-Cut) mows the lawn in all directions to obtain a perfect and unmarked cutting result.
  • It has a precise obstacle sensor to avoid collisions with objects in the garden.
  • Its safety system automatically stops the blades when lifting it to avoid possible accidents.
  • It automatically returns to its charging base when it has finished mowing the lawn or when its battery is running out.
  • Thanks to its powerful rear-wheel drive it can overcome slopes with an inclination of up to 35%.
  • You can adjust the cutting measure without using any tool.


It is also ideal for use in our Second Home, we will save a lot of time and effort by manually mowing the lawn, enjoying more of our garden instead of always being working in the garden every time we go to our Second Residence.

And if you want to have the maintenance of your lawn fully controlled and cared for, we also recommend the installation of an Irrigation Programmer with integrated Wifi.

Another highly recommended product especially if we have a Second House, is the installation of an Outdoor Wifi Camera, with which we can visually control the state of our lawn, weather, (whether it rains or it is sunny) and stop our irrigation if we observe that it is raining.

If we want to install these devices in our Second Home, we will need a 4G Wifi Router if we do not have a fixed network internet connection.

Models available according to the size of your garden

Up to 300m²

Up to 500m²

Up to 750m²

Up to 1000m²

Up to 1250m²

Up to 2000m²