Within the world of Home Automation the control of Air Conditioning and Heating is what gives us a higher level of comfort and well-being, since it helps us to combat the heat in summer and the cold in winter by connecting our Air Conditioning or Radiator before arriving home from anywhere with our Smartphone mobile phone to have our house at the desired temperature when arriving.

Air Conditioning Control by Wifi Network

For the control of air conditioning equipment, we explain how to control by Wifi an air conditioning Split with heat pump easily and quickly with our Smartphone installing a Wifi Remote Control Controller or with a Smart Wifi Plug.

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Heating Control by Wifi Network

We also recommend the use of smart thermostats controlled by Wifi network to be able to program remotely from anywhere our central heating, if we have installed a gas boiler.

We advise you how to control the heating with electric radiators using smart plugs controlled by Red Wifi independently installing one in each radiator.

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