What can we connect to the 4G LTE D-Link DWR-953 AC1200 Wifi Router?

With this Wifi Router D-Link 4G LTE / 3G DWR-953 AC1200 of last generation and high performance we can control and connect also all the devices of Home Automation that we need by fixed network, and by mobile network 4G LTE and 3G (by means of a card sim of any operator).

Especially indicated if you have no fixed connection, as is the most common case in Second Residences.

We can activate and control in a Second House by connecting the appropriate Home Automation device, heating, air conditioning, power off and turn on lights by Wifi, IP Wifi security cameras, lawnmowers robots with Wifi, automatic irrigation, alarms, presence detectors.

4G LTE D-Link DWR-953 AC1200 Wifi Router Features

  • Has 2 removable antennas for 4G / 3G mobile signal
  • Has 4 Gigabit high-speed ports to connect wired devices
  • 4G LTE Connection Delivers Download Speeds up to 150 Mbps
  • Wifi band 2.4 GHZ (up to 300 Mbps)
  • Includes 5 GHZ high-speed Wi-Fi (up to 867 Mbps)
  • Sim card slot for a very stable 4G/ 3G connection
  • Weekly or daily restarts can be set
  • Easy configuration

Configuration of the 4G D-Link DWR-953 Wifi Router

For the implementation of the D-Link 4G LTE / 3G DWR-953 AC1200 Wifi Router without a fixed line, a sim card is required from any operator with a data contract (we recommend from 2 GB per month).

We have done tests connecting a Wifi irrigation programmer and two IP Wifi security cameras and with 2 GB per month has been enough, connecting to the cameras about three or four times a week and making short connections so as not to spend a lot of data.

We advise you to choose a Mobile Operator that is received with good 4G signal in the area where you are installing the 4G router.

Once we have the sim card, we deactivate the pin code (with a mobile phone) so as not to have configuration problems and insert the card into the slot of the router.


We recommend this Wifi Router D-Link 4G LTE / 3G DWR-953 AC1200 for its fast 4G LTE connection, its high-speed Wifi network up to 1200 Mbps, and for the quality and confidence that offers us the renowned brand D-Link.

It is also ideal and highly recommended its installation in Second Residences to have our house totally controlled by internet with our computer or our mobile phone Smartphone, and for its high performance and stable functioning.

For us it is one of the Routers that offers better performance taking into account its quality and price ratio.


Router Wifi D-Link 4G LTE / 3G DWR-953 AC1200

As an alternative there is also available another model: Wifi Router 4G LTE / 3 G D-Link DWR-921 with a lower price, with the same features but with the difference that the wifi network it generates is not high speed.


Router Wifi 4G LTE / 3G D-Link DWR-921