D-Link DSP-W215 Wireless Plug Utilities

With this smart plug Wifi Plug D-Link DSP-W215, controlled with our Android or iOS smartphone, we can turn on or off lights, appliances such as heating with electric radiators, air conditioning, fans, fridges and many more since it supports a power of up to 3.840 W. Highly recommended for use in Second Home.

Weekly Schedule

We can create from the free mydlink Home app schedules so that the appliance or lamp you have plugged in automatically turns on or off at the scheduled time.

We can also use it to simulate presence in our home for example turning on and off lights randomly, a very useful option to apply in a second home.

Features of the D-Link DSP-W215 Wifi Plug 

  • Control by Wifi network, 3G and 4G
  • Works with Android App 4.0 or higher and iOS App v6 or higher
  • Voltage 100-240VAC, 16A
  • Supports Max. consumption of 3.840 W
  • Measures the control of consumption
  • Automatic on and off programming can be done
  • It has temperature sensor that turns off the appliance in case of excessive heating.
  • Can work in combination with other D-Link devices such as a motion sensor or Wifi camera

Consumption Control and Thermal Protection

Another detail to highlight is that you can control the consumption of the electrical appliance instantly and also adds the consumption of the appliance every time it is on, for example if we have a heating with electric radiators with a smart D-plugLink DSP-W215 in each radiator, we can know the KW/h that we spend on heating adding the result of all radiators.

The D-Link DSP-W215 Wifi Plug has an adjustable temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the plug and turns off the appliance in case of excessive heating of the plug.

You have the possibility to send notifications creating rules, for example you can send us a notification when you exceed a set consumption or when you reach the programmed temperature level.


We recommend this D-Link DSP-W215 Smart Plug controlled by Wifi, 3G or 4G network from anywhere with a Smartphone or Tablet for quality / price and performance which we have tried for several months with stable and trouble-free operation.

Smart Wifi Plug D-Link DSP-W215