Best Robot Lawnmower with Wifi by 2023

Among other brands of Robotic Lawnmowers, we especially recommend this brand for quality, performance, design and because we can buy at the best price the Landroid Worx M 500 model that has Wifi to control it remotely with our Mobile.

For us it is the best Robotic Lawnmower that we recommend for this year 2023.

New Range with more Optional Accessories

The renewed range of Landroid Robotic Lawnmowers, has the latest technological advances in robotics for the garden. We will also be able to expand the services according to our needs with the five accessories available for the new models.

Landroid M 500 ideal for Small Garden

If you have a small garden and does not exceed 500m² (1/8 Acre), with this Robot Lawnmower Wifi Landroid Worx M 500 you will have the lawn of your garden always in perfect condition and you will save a lot of time by avoiding pushing your old lawnmower.

More models for Large Garden up to 2000m² | 1/2 Acre

If you have a larger garden that exceeds 500m² (1/8 Acre), the Worx brand also has models for large areas up to 2000m² (1/2 Acre)

Models available for other surfaces of 700m², 1000m², 1500m² and 2000m² (1/5 Acre, 1/4 Acre, 1/2 Acre)

Cheap with Quality and Good Performance

The Robot Lawnmower Landroid Worx M 500 and other models available for different sizes of garden have a cheap price with very good quality and features if we compare it to other brands. We also recommend it because it is one of the best selling and valued Robots Lawnmowers on Amazon.

Remote Control with Mobile via Wifi and 4G

It is equipped with Wi-Fi connection to be able to program and control it from anywhere with your smartphone downloading the corresponding app for Android or Apple. Another advantage of being connected to the internet, is that it learns continuously from other lawnmowers and also updates itself constantly.

Cutting the Lawn from the Garden Edges

We will not need more tools to cut the edges of the garden, since the exclusive design of the cutting system of the Landroid Worx M 500 Wifi Robotic Lawnmower allows you to cut the edges, which will avoid having to go through them manually saving time.

Apart from not having to cut the lawn manually, with this Robotic Lawnmower we will not have to collect the remains of the lawn cut, since if it is cut daily, as the measure that cuts is very small, it is deposited in the ground and serves as a natural fertilizer.

Features of the Landroid Worx Wifi Robotic Lawnmower

  • It has large off-road wheels, allowing you to save slopes with up to 35% slope.
  • Its base is vertical, with lateral load and very discreet, which occupies a very small space of lawn.
  • It has a rain sensor and returns to the base when it rains, and restarts its cutting cycle when the lawn is dry.
  • It automatically returns to its charging base when the battery is running out.
  • It has a sensor that detects obstacles to avoid them.
  • Its safety system stops the cutting blades when it rises from the ground.


It is ideal to use it daily, on vacation or in our second home, to avoid having to hire a gardener.

If we decide to install it in a second residence we also recommend the installation of an Outdoor Wifi Security Camera, to have remotely controlled the Robotic Lawnmower and the state of the lawn, We also recommend the installation of a Wifi Irrigation Programmer to have total control of our garden from anywhere with our Smartphone.

To connect it to the internet in a second home if we do not have a fixed connection we will have to install a 4G Wifi Router.

Available Models According to the Size of Your Garden

Up to 500m² | 1/8 Acre

Robot Lawnmower Wifi Landroid Worx M 500

Up to 700m² – 800m²

Robot Lawnmower Wifi Landroid Worx M 700

Up to 1000m² | 1/4 Acre

Robot Lawnmower Wifi Landroid Worx M 1000

Up to 1500m² | 1/2 Acre

Robot Lawnmower Wifi Landroid Worx L 1500

Up to 2000m² | 1/2 Acre

Robot Lawnmower Wifi Landroid Worx L 2000

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