Wifi and 4G control from anywhere

The Honeywell Home T6R Smart Wifi Thermostat helps you save a significant amount of energy, because it adapts to your life habits and knows how to use the energy needed at every moment in the most efficient way.

We can also control all its functions with our Mobile Phone from anywhere, to find the house when you reach the desired temperature.

Quality and Trust Brand

The Wifi Thermostat that we are presenting you is of the prestigious brand Honeywell Home, which has more than 100 years manufacturing high quality equipment in sectors as important as air transport, road and even aircraft.

Excellent Quality / Price ratio considering its high performance that will make us achieve great savings in our gas bills, With what we will be able to amortize our purchase in a short time using one of the best and most complete Smart Thermostats controlled by Wifi Network.

Control by Mobile Geolocation

It can be configured to automatically turn on or off the heating according to the location of our Smartphone.

With this feature, the Honeywell Home Smart Wifi Thermostat is able to know when we are coming back to turn on the heating or turn off the heating when we leave.

Compatible with Voice Assistants

The Honeywell Smart Thermostat works with leading voice assistant brands such as Apple HomeKit using Siri, Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Features of the Honeywell Home Wifi Thermostat

  • Control by the Geolocation of our Mobile
  • Adapts to your life habits to turn on or off heating
  • It has a weekly schedule that can be changed remotely with our Smartphone
  • It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Apple Watch, IFTTT, Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • App for Apple and Android
  • It has a touch screen
Honeywell Home T6R Smart Thermostat

The following model is similar to the previous one but with the main difference that to connect it with the receiver module has to be wired, instead the previous model (Honeywell Home T6R), we can wirelessly connect it and place it anywhere in our home where we have a plug to connect your feeder.

Honeywell Home T6 Smart Thermostat

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With this Honeywell evohome Smart Wifi Thermostat, we can save much more energy than previous models, since you can control the temperature of up to 12 rooms individually by installing wireless thermostatic controllers on each radiator.

We will be able to program and adjust independently the temperature of each room also by Wifi network from anywhere with our Mobile Phone.

The radiators must already have thermostatic valves installed to be able to connect the wireless controllers.

Wifi Control Room by Room

Here are different purchase options for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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