4G LTE Wifi Router TP-LINK MR200 AC750 | Best Quality Price

Recommended Use of the 4G LTE TP-LINK RM200 Wifi Router

With this Wifi Router 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK MR200 Double Band AC750 of last generation and high performance we can connect all the devices that we need in the same way that we would do with our usual router, but with the difference that it also includes a slot to insert a sim card from any mobile operator to get the 4G connection.

Recommended for its excellent quality, price, performance and for being one of the best-selling routers. For us it is the best router for this year.

It is very useful to install it anywhere, especially if we have a Second Residence to be able to activate and control over the internet all the necessary devices to have our Second Home controlled by the internet thousands of kilometers away.

We can connect Wifi security cameras to see what is happening at all times and to send us messages and photos when they detect presence, irrigation programmers with Wifi, smart plugs controlled by Wifi, to turn on and off electrical appliances such as electric radiators, air conditioning, lights, or even turn on the refrigerator a few hours before arriving at our Second Home to find it at the usual operating temperature.

Features of the 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK RM200 Wifi Router

  • It has dual Wifi band with speeds of 300Mbps in band 2.4GHz and 433Mbps in band 5GHz
  • It has 2 external removable 4G LTE antennas and 3 internal WIfi antennas
  • 3 LAN ports 10/100Mbps and 1 LAN/WAN port 10/100Mbps
  • 4G download speed up to 150Mbps
  • Slot for sim card
  • Rapid commissioning

Configuration of the 4G LTE TP-LINK RM200 Wifi Router

Its configuration is very fast, to put it into operation we only need to insert a sim card of any mobile operator, advisable with the PIN code disabled (the PIN can be deactivated quickly with our mobile phone).

For the implementation of the Wifi Router 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK MR200 we will need to have the sim card with a data contract (recommended from 2 GB per month). We have done tests with 2 GB, connecting two Wifi camera and a Wifi irrigation programmer, and we have had enough, (it will also depend on the times we connect to the cameras).

A very important detail and that we have valued a lot of this router, is the power to insert the sim card directly into the router, getting a stable 4G data connection and without frequent cuts.

Router Wifi 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK MR200 Dual Band AC750

Router Wifi 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK MR400 Dual Band AC1200

As an alternative there is also available this model, Router Wifi 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK N300Mbps TL-MR6400 with a cheaper price, with the same features and design but with the difference that the wifi network it generates is not high speed.

Router Wifi 4G LTE / 3G TP-LINK N300Mbps TL-MR6400


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Router Wifi 4G LTE MR200 Dual Band AC750