Electric Radiator Wifi Gridinlux HOMELY WARM 2000W

The Gridinlux HOMELY WARM 2000W Thermal Transmitter Wifi, is an excellent option if we want to control the heating of our house installing Electric Radiators controlled by Wifi network from anywhere with our Mobile phone.

Modern and Elegant Design

Its front part is designed with a tempered glass finish that integrates a touch screen for manual control and to see the operating temperature.

It has a thin and lightweight design to facilitate transport. It can be fixed to the wall or on the floor with brackets.

Control by Wifi, 4G with Mobile

One of the most outstanding features of this Electric Radiator is its control by Wifi Network with our Smartphone from anywhere to be able to turn it on before arriving home and find it at the desired temperature.

To control the radiator with our Mobile we will have to download the manufacturer’s app available for Android or Apple.

We can also program from the APP on and off times.

Features of the Wifi Electric Radiator

  • Modern and fine tempered glass finish
  • Adjustable power between 1000W and 2000W
  • On and off programming
  • Integrated Wifi control
  • APP control for Android or Apple
  • Compatible with and Alexa Google Home
  • Thermal protection with automatic shutdown
  • It is moisture resistant and can be installed in Bathrooms
  • Efficient and reduced consumption


We recommend this Gridinlux HOMELY WARM 2000W Electric Wifi Radiator for its excellent quality of finish and price taking into account the features it offers us.

It is ideal to install quickly in a Second House and control it remotely to turn it on a few hours before arriving and find our House at a pleasant temperature.

If we want to install it in a Second Residence and we have no fixed line we will need a 4G Wifi Router.


Electric Radiator Wifi Gridinlux HOMELY 2000W