Robots Lawnmower Wifi Controlled by Smartphone

Within the world of Home Automation for the Garden could not miss the Robotic Lawnmowers controlled by 3G and 4G Wifi network from our Smartphone Mobile phone.

Highly recommended to save us having to cut it manually and to have our lawn always freshly cut.

We have selected the Best Models taking into account the quality and performance so you can choose the most suitable according to the characteristics and dimensions of your Garden.

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Smartphone Controlled Wifi Irrigation Programmers

Another product of Home Automation very useful to complete the maintenance of our garden at a distance, are the Irrigation Programmers controlled by Wifi network with our Mobile phone from anywhere.

Among the models we recommend, we highlight the Solem brand, since we have installed one in a second house for more than two years and we have obtained very good results both in the operation and in its stable connection.

The tested model is this, (Solem Outdoor Irrigation Programmer LR-IP Bluetooth / Lora and Wifi).

With the installation of this programmer we have achieved a saving in the water bill of up to 50%. To achieve this water saving we have adjusted the irrigation times leaving just the necessary and we have stopped it remotely on rainy days.

We have also changed some of the sprinklers for another model that works with less pressure (rotary turbine type), and using the smallest nozzle possible to irrigate only with the amount of water needed.

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Garden Lighting Control Network Wifi 4G

The lighting of our garden can also be controlled remotely with our smartphone by installing bulbs with integrated Wifi connection.

It is ideal to install in our usual home as in our second home and simulate presence.

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