Remote Control via WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth

With this Solem Smart-IS Wifi Irrigation Programmer controlled by 3G/ 4G or Bluetooth Wifi network, we can have total control of the irrigation system of our garden with our Smartphone or Tablet mobile phone by installing the free App (MySOLEM) available for iOs and Android.

We can also control it online using a computer.

Save Water with Solem Smart-IS Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Wifi

Installing this Solem Wifi irrigation programmer in our garden will also help us to save a lot of water, since it offers us the possibility to activate and deactivate it instantly from anywhere with our Smartphone.

For example we can turn it off if we are away from home or on vacation and know that it is raining and activate it again when we know that the weather has improved, we can also change the schedule instantly.

Thanks to its intelligent technology you can connect to local weather stations and water automatically taking into account the current climate and disable irrigation in case of rain.

Installation of the Indoor Wifi Irrigation Programmer

The Solem Smart-IS Wifi Sprinkler Irrigation Controller can be easily replaced by our current programmer, taking into account that the power of the electrovalves will have to be 24V.

It is ready to be installed inside, it can also be installed in a garden shed provided there is a 220 VAC power outlet to plug in the transformer.

Once installed, we will only have to configure it with our Wifi router by downloading the free application (MySOLEM) to our Smartphone. We can also connect it locally via Bluetooth.

One feature to highlight is that it saves all the programming of the memory in case of power failure as long as it does not exceed 5 hours.

Main technical characteristics

  • Available for 4, 6, 9, and 12 stations
  • Master valve can be connected
  • Connection for rain sensor
  • Wifi connection range 50 meters approximately
  • Control with Smartphone via Wifi, 4G or Bluetooth network
  • App for Android or iOS
  • Can be controlled via Web by Computer
  • Interior installation

Recommended to install in Second Home

The remote control that has this Wifi programmer makes it ideal to install it in a Second Residence and to be able to deactivate it for example several weeks in the winter months in which it is not necessary to have it activated and during the days that we know that it is raining for not waste water.

To have total control of the lawn of our garden in a Second House, we recommend also installing a Wifi External Security Camera, and in this way apart from the security that offers us, We will see if it rains, the state of the lawn and we will be able to turn on or off the irrigation depending on its state.

To install an external Wifi security camera and the Solem Smart-IS Wifi Irrigation Programmer in a Second Home if we do not have a fixed line, we will need to install a 4G Wifi Router

Models available on Amazon

4 StationsProgrammer Irrigation Wifi Solem Smart-IS 4 Stations

6 Stations

Programmer Irrigation Wifi Solem Smart-IS 6 Stations

9 Stations

Programmer Irrigation Wifi Solem Smart-IS 9 Stations

12 Stations

Programmer Irrigation Wifi Solem Smart-IS 12 Stations