Save Energy By Using The Necessary At Every Moment

The 3rd generation Nest Smart Thermostat helps you to save on your Gas bill, since it learns daily the level of temperature you use at every moment of the day, and automatically adjusts taking into account your needs.

For example you can know if there is someone at home, or if the house is empty to lower or turn off the heating using always the necessary energy level.

Recommended as one of the most complete remote controlled Smart Thermostats due to the high performance it offers. It is also one of the most valued and sold Smart Thermostats on Amazon.

Control Nest Thermostat with Mobile

You can control all the functions of the Nest Thermostat such as Heating or Hot Water online with your mobile phone and from anywhere to find your home always at the desired temperature when you arrive.

Also thanks to the Geolocation of your Mobile, this Nest Smart Thermostat can know that you are coming home to turn on the heat or turn it off when you leave home.

Features of the Intelligent Thermostat

  • It detects when you enter the room and lights up your screen.
  • It can also show you on its large screen the current time and weather forecast.
  • Quick view is available by pressing the screen and turning its ring.
  • Its installation and configuration is easy.
  • It is compatible with virtually any gas heating, heat pump, diesel, or underfloor heating.
  • It is compatible with OpenTherm technology to modulate your condensing boiler and achieve greater energy savings.
  • It has rings of different color so you can adapt it to the decoration of your house.
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