Independent Wifi control of up to 4 Hoses

Control by Wifi with Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

One of the most outstanding features of the Wifi Irrigation Programmer for Natrain Faucet, is the control and programming of remote irrigation over the Internet using a Mobile Phone, a Tablet or a Computer.

Highly recommended also if we have a Second House to have controlled at all times our Garden, Plants or Orchard and change the schedule according to the weather of the moment such as turning it off if it is raining.

Programmer Utilities Wifi Irrigation for Natrain Tap

We can use it to water our lawn garden, using hose sprinklers and control up to 4 areas independently.

Also if we have plants scattered around our garden, we can use one of its 4 valves to connect a drip irrigation system or with small sprinklers using a hose and water or schedule these plants independently.

If we have a garden or patio with pots, we can install one or several lines of hoses depending on the type, size and number of pots. For example we can use a hose for the irrigation of small pots and another for the larger ones with different schedules or times.

It is also ideal for irrigation of orchards, since if we have plants that need different amounts of water or irrigation cycles, we can separate it using the 4 hose outlets with different programming.

Recommended for Large or Small Garden

The Programmer Irrigation Wifi Aqua Timer, is ideal whether we have a small garden or if it is large, since with a Wifi control unit we can control two units of valves and get up to 8 separate irrigation areas.

Ideal when we’re on Vacation

Very useful to activate or change the remote programming of our Wifi Irrigation Programmer for Aqua Timer Hose.

We will not need to have a person to take care of the daily irrigation of the Garden, Plants or Orchard.

Features of the Aqua Timer Irrigation Programmer

  • Up to 4 hoses can be independently controlled
  • Control Wifi, 4G from anywhere
  • App For Android, iOS, Tablet or Computer
  • For watering garden with lawn, plants, pots and orchards
  • A Wifi Programmer can control two units of 4 hose outputs
For 4 Hose Zones

Programmer Irrigation Wifi Tap Natrain Aqua Timer