What can we control with a Wifi Smart Plug?

The Smart Plug is one of the first home automation equipment we recommend because it is economical and allows us to save a lot of energy by gaining in comfort.

With a Wi-Fi Plug we can turn on and off remotely with the mobile practically any appliance instantly or program it.

We can control lamps, electric radiators, air conditioning, fans, water heater and more appliances.

How to save on the Electricity Bill?

Water heater: if we have an electric water heater we can plug it into the Wifi plug so that it is only turned on the hours of the day we are interested in.

Electric radiators: using smart plugs to control electric radiators we can also save electricity with remote control or programming them to turn off when they are not needed.

Interlocks with several plugs: We can also save energy if we install a Wifi plug in the interlocking strip that we use for example to connect several devices such as the television, the stereo or the video game console.

It is an invisible and continuous consumption called stand by that can assume at the end of the year between 7 and 10% of the consumption of light.

Ideal for protecting the Mobile Phone and Computer Battery

Another utility that we can give to a Wi-Fi plug is to use it with the charger of the Mobile or Computer and program it to turn off avoiding overloads in the battery extended life.

For example, if we want to charge the Mobile during the night we program it so that it is only charging the necessary time or we use the timer function that some models have Wifi plugs.

Recommended for Second Home

It is very useful to use it in a Second House to turn on the heating in winter a few hours before arriving to find the house at the desired temperature.

We could also control in a Second Residence all the appliances we need using a 4G Wifi Router if we do not have a fixed line connection.

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